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Dialed. In Method is a personal training studio that focuses on the over all health and daily habits of an individual. We offer one-on-one and partner training sessions, boxing classes and bootcamps. We offer sessions and classes out of two locations

1:1 Personal Training only
Dialed.In Method Studio
167 Bow St
Everett MA 02149

Small Group Training  and 1:1 Personal Training
Salem White Wolf Fitness 
153 Mason St 

Salem, MA 01970

In addition to One-on-One Training we offer:
Meal Plan Support
Online Personal Training
Retail Clothing (Coming Soon)
Supplement Line (Coming Soon)

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About Dialed.In Method

Dialed.In Method is an adaptive training program which focuses on the Four major aspects of Health and Wellness.


Mindful Health Habits (Mind)

Adaptive Personal Training (Body)

Rest and Recovery

Lifestyle Eating Habits (Nutrition) 


The Dialed.In Method provides an open system of communication through which we will work together to develop a healthy lifestyle you can not only sustain but enjoy. 


Mindful Health Habits (Mind)

Through our weekly communication, motivation and your feedback; we will define goals, map out how to reach them, overcome limitations and celebrate achievements. 


Adaptive Personal Training (Body)

No cookie cutter workouts here. We will start out our program understanding your personal goals, current strengths and opportunities. Once we discover these, we get Dialed.In. Customized Workouts that will make your goals achievable. With your feedback we will adjust workouts to ensure we develop a balanced healthier you. 


Rest and Recovery

Balance, Balance, Balance! The task of transformation, small or large is not easy on the body. We will work together to listen to your body and recover stronger and faster so we can get back to sculpting the new you. How to maximize your night’s sleep, varying high and low intensity workouts and sessions, physical and mental stress release habits and active rests. Rest is just as important as every workout


Lifestyle Eating Habits (Nutrition) 

Stop the non-sustainable eating habits and yo - yo dieting. Discover how your daily activities of work life and personal life can be powered by healthy, enjoyable delicious meals without the dreaded overhauling on day one 


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